Are you a Chartered Accountant or a Tax preparer?
a Forwarding Agent, a Customs Broker
or a Freight Forwarder?
Tired of heavy checks on codes and shipments?

EUCODE allows the verification of the validity of the codes of traders in the EU Member States. The product implements the web services that the European Commission have made available for carrying out massive validation requests. The software performs automatically and in background the same functionality available on EUROPA website through the online service for querying timely validation of codes

  • VAT - Validity check of VAT codes of European Union Economic Operators.
  • EXCISE - Validity check of Excise codes of registered operators/authorised dealers in European Union.
  • EORI - Validity check of EORI codes for European Union Economic Operators dealing with Customs.
  • TRANSIT - Check of Customs Transit movements and info on MRN up-to-date status.
  • EXPORT - check of Customs Export Transit movements and info on MRN up-to-date status.
The application requires in input a text file (created with notepad, wordpad or other editor) containing a code for each line. The operating system is Microsoft Windows and no other components are required. The program is free.

Select EUCODE and save the software on your PC. Once the software has been saved select "Remove protection" on object properties before run.

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